Bug Fixes 

  1. We fixed a bug where Orange was unable to see and manipulate job files on connected printers. 
  2. Orange MAC hung if the application was closed using the top left red box.  This is fixed. 
  3. We have restored the ability to import 3MF files.   
  4. We repaired a number of issues relating to Macos Big Sur and the build viewer zoom capability. 
  5. We have restored the ability to view the tool travel paths in the Build review window.  


New Features. 

  1. We have improved model scaling in the build area.  You now see options to percent scale or scale to a finished dimension in X Y or Z.  There is also an option lock the relative scale of all axes.  
  2. We’ve added map mode to the build preferences.   
    1. This mode moves model glue further away from the cut and printed edge in order to reduce model damage during weeding. 
    2. It also changes how support glue is applied in and around the printed area near the layer model cut.  This is done to reduce the incidence of glue dots on the printed area which can cause damage during weeding.  
  3. We’ve added a log option to the 3D Printers menu.  This opens a log window allowing clearer messaging when problems happen.   It also allows the user to see the scale and type of model repairs needed to make a part printable. 
  4. Orange now embeds the Orange Build Version into all model files.    This will be used later in Printer Web Interface coming soon.   
  5. We’ve added a delete printer option to the “3D Printers” menu.