You can find links to download our latest firmware as well as our Orange Slicer on our support page

Cleangreen3d only supports The former Mcor ArkePro printer and the new CG-1 printer.  

If you have an old Mcor version of the firmware (last Mcor release was 4.2-2) you will need to contact us at [email protected] to purchase the latest Cleangreen3d firmware and we'll install it for you via a remote dial in session.

If you have a Cleangreen3d firmware version thats older than V6.0 you also need a remote session to bring you up to date. This can be booked via [email protected] and is free of charge.  

If you have V6 or later firmware updating is easy.   

Simply download from our website onto a USB stick and insert it into your printer.  There's an Update Firmware item on the setup menu on the printer which will install the new release for you.

For support for other Mcor products please see the "former mcor customer" link at the foot of our webpage. 

Firmware installation depends on which version you currently have installed.