CleanGreen3d Orange is supported on Windows and Macos but there are Orange-to-Firmware compatibility issues to consider before using the latest versions.   

Orange software has two main purposes. 

  1. Converting 3D Models to Build Files for the ArkePro or CG-1 Printer.
  2. Communicating with the 3D printer to perform certain maintenance tasks
    1. Maintaining print jobs held in printer memory. 
    2. Setting Glue Pressure
    3. Checking machine Sensors. 
    4. Collecting the machine log-files for troubleshooting. 


In the first area there are no issues relating to compatibility between Orange and the Firmware and you are free to use any version of Orange.   

        This means a build created on any version of Orange will work on your machine.  


In the second area Orange needs to be compatible with the version of firmware you are using in order to work correctly. 


Here’s a compatibility table to guide you with links to download the software. 


Firmware Release

Orange MAC

Orange WIN

All Mcor releases 

Not Available


CleanGreen3d V6 onwards